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What are the relationship rules that lead to healthy, happy relationships?

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Now this is for me, 🙏🏾I have alot to clear within me, but i have learnt where i failed myself, and am happy I could see and learn from it. Now this kind of Encouragement and moral support will help me elevate to the next level.
I thank you again Norah.

Wanjere. Kampala, Uganda 

“Coach Yourself to Success” definitely changed my life. I implemented each of the points mentioned and am different, more courageous, independent person now. I feel success is flowing to me now. I am 27, and my key difference I feel, after reading your book is: “let everything flow” don’t stop anything, if something or someone has to go .. just let it go

James Ocheng, Uganda

There’s a saying that…the only person you can change is yourself, and I discovered through the class that as I just quietly changed myself it caused people around me to follow my example, which was really neat too. And you’re right, men respond really well to declarative sentences vs. questions. I am doing that now with great results.

Amahle Kaya, SouthAfrica

An important exercise is to establish boundaries and hold oneself to higher standards. I established the boundary that people could not yell or swear at me. I used Norah’s four-step system of communicating these boundaries to people in my family who do this and they quickly and sincerely apologized. And since they also know that I hold myself to the same standards, my relationships with them have improved markedly.

Liam Dave, Switzerland

A life and relationship coach, Social worker, Business woman, Social Media Personality and A strong and inspirational leader who knows how to drive others to greater success. I motivate to maximum efficiency in others. On a personal level I have a professional appearance, enthusiastic attitude and the ability to instill trust and confidence in YOU.

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