Nora K. Rwatangabo

IT Professional,
Human Service Professional,
Skills Training


Who Is Nora?

DevOps Engineer

A highly skilled DevOps Engineer with a strong background in software development and IT operations. Proficient in a range of technologies, I have successfully delivered projects for clients across various industries. Committed to staying current with the latest tools and techniques with Pull request automation, deployment automation and Application Performance management. I am always seeking opportunities to learn and grow. 


Troubleshooting and debugging issues in the software development lifecycle.


Automating the build, test, and deployment process to improve the reliability, security, and speed of software releases.


Building and maintaining tools to automate the infrastructure, including configuration management, deployment, and monitoring.


Collaborating with software developers and operations staff to design, deploy, and maintain systems.

Human Service Professional

A strong and Inspirational Leader / Program Manager / Executive Director at Awakening Smiles Initiative [ASI] (Non-Profit) since 2011.

Possesses experience in to driving team members to greater success, scheduling, supervising, and motivating staff so that they achieve maximum efficiency. I manage high level of clients’ expectations, dealing with complex managerial problems and ensuring that targets are met. On a personal level I have a professional appearance, enthusiastic attitude and the ability to instill trust and confidence in clients.

At Awakening Smiles Initiative [ASI] (Non-Profit) am involved in strategic planning of the organization by working with the Board of Directors, operating within a budget, overseeing the day to day administration of the organization, supervising of staff, head of the health and social care department, program development and implementation.


Provide therapeutic support to people who are struggling with mental health issues, relationship problems, or other challenges.

Social worker

Help individuals, families, and communities by providing counseling, advocacy, and other support services.

Community organizer

Work to bring people together to address and solve problems in their communities on issues such as housing, education, or healthcare.

Rehabilitation specialist

Help individuals with addictions, disabilities or injuries to regain independence and improve their quality of life.