My Story.

I grew up in Kampala-Uganda. I started my professional life in 2000 as a human service/social scientist and customer service representative.

By 2011, I was an Executive Director ofAwakening Smiles Initiative a non profit organization, taking care of over 1800 very poor and special needs children, women and the elderly in Uganda, managing a number of big complex projects and programs and a counselor. This non profit organization was under funded and working to keep up meant multi tasking with roles since the organization couldn't afford to pay extra professional staff.
I had to take computer classes.

Being a full time mum, wife and working under pressure, i took online courses every chance I got. Youtube, Udemy and others.
Then a magical thing happened. I discovered my love for computers, for Information technology.
I started to volunteer to train others every chance I got in order to become an expert at it. Soon I was volunteering in ASI to do all systems jobs, buying, fixing, upgrading computers and networking and later became a Linux systems administrator at Golden Imaging center in January 2016. In 2019 I landed a devOps engineer role and have continued to learn, train, advance, be better and enjoy the IT profession since.

As such, I am an IT professional and a Human Service professional.


DevOps Engineer.

Build, Test, Release, Deploy and Monitor
I am a highly skilled and experienced devops engineer, with a passion for bringing together the worlds of development and operations to create efficient and reliable software systems.

With a background in both of these fields, I have a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist at the intersection of these two domains. I am skilled in a wide range of tools and technologies that allow me to automate the build, test, and deployment process, and to monitor and maintain software in production.

I work closely with development teams to ensure that software is delivered to production smoothly, and with operations teams to ensure that software is stable and reliable in a production environment.

Special Trainings 

Human Service Professional

(Bachelor of Social Sciences)

A strong and Inspirational Leader / Program Manager / Counselor / Executive Director at Awakening Smiles Initiative [ASI] (Non-Profit) since 2011.

Dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities improve their lives and well-being. I have a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of the people I serve, and I am skilled at providing compassionate and effective support. My areas of expertise include mental health counseling, social work, and case management. I have a strong commitment to social justice and strive to create positive change in the world through my work and have helped countless individuals and families navigate complex systems and access the resources they need to thrive.

Trainings & Certifications