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Nora K. (B(A)SS, M.A.C.P, L.C, HMPC, BP, PHD), is a Life and Relationship Coach and Marriage Counselor, running a successful online counselling and guidance Service, established to build self love and confidence, happy families, healthy relationships and marriages. Norah is a trained and certified psychotherapist (counselor), with a working experience of 12 years. Norah educates daily to a global audience of over 7 million people in over 40 nations drawn from 6 continents in 60 Facebook fora and many WhatsApp groups. Her insights on Life, relationship and marriage are well read and circulated worldwide.

Norah is a Youtuber, Educator.

Norah’s has reached out to society in her successful program Awakening Smiles Initiative. A program that supports and empowers vulnerable persons, men, women and children.

Norah is the managing Director of Norah’s farm and products. With a working experience of 7 years, it’s a successful project that empowers households with knowledge in herbs with natural health remedies, food security, crop and animal farming.
Norah is a friend.
Norah is happily married.


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Ge first hand knowledge, advice, incite and inspiration from Nora herself .

Motivation is how we get things done. And achieve big goals in life.

Unfortunately, it’s a finite resource – we can run out of motivation unless we replenish it daily.

Listening to music that motivates us, using positive affirmations, reading motivational books, listening to podcasts and talking to coaches can all make us want to jump right back up again.

Because, a lot of staying motivated comes from feeding yourself and your mind with a steady diet of things that motivate. Simply talking to Norah and contemplating her words, is a great way to feed your mind with positive motivation.

Norah Rwatangabo K.

(B(A)SS, M.A.C.P, L.C, HMPC, BP, PHD)​



The laws of attraction

The first law of attraction: “Like attracts like” is the secret to long-lasting, healthy relationships. When we are fully living our core values, we effortlessly attract others who share those values. Once you start embracing your passion and living your dreams, you instantly become more attractive to others. It’s truly the effortless way to find and keep the love of your life as well as the secret to happiness.

The second law of attraction: “If you don’t need it, you are more likely to attract it.”

If our emotional needs are unmet, we repel what we most desire. When we’ve fulfilled our deepest needs—such as the need to be cherished or loved, the need to be heard, the need to be appreciated, or the need for harmony—we are naturally more attractive. The best relationship coaches know that understanding what relationships are about starts with understanding your personal and emotional needs.

Raising your emotional intelligence is essential to attracting healthy relationships. If you find you keep attracting the wrong people, can’t seem to find your soulmate, or if you struggle to get along with a difficult boss or colleagues, then raising your emotional IQ is a great place to start to build better relationships now.

Although this relationship advice sounds simple, it can be challenging work. The trick is learning how to apply the rules of relationships and the laws of attraction in your everyday life—and the first step is to identify your top four emotional need.

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